Alastair Mackie, David Rickard, Oscar Santillan, Tom Dale, Yun-Kyung Jeong. May 24th – June 15th 2014 New exhibition opened in London recently, Copperfield Gallery, 6 Copperfield Street, London, SE1 0EP Gallery opening hours during exhibitions: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm and by appointment at any time. _   The desire for repetition and order forms an inherent part of the …

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The Only Way Out is the Only Way In | Douglas Gordon

Australian Centre for Contemporary Ar/  31 MAY – 3 AUGUST, 2014 Douglas Gordon appropriates images from popular culture and other sources to create his signature videos and photographic installations.  He first came to prominence in 1993 with the work 24 Hour Psycho, a slowed down version of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film, and since then he has …

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Bradley Hart | The Masters Interpreted

Pop Art ‘Pop’ art? Artist Bradley Hart injects bubble wrap with paint to form photo-realistic images.  If you’re in New York, Cavalier Galleries is showing some of Hart’s artworks until the 30th May in an exhibition entitled “The Masters Interpreted: Injections and Impressions by Bradley Hart”. http://www.cavaliergalleries.com/html/exhibresults.asp?exnum=14891&exname=The%20Masters%20Interpreted:%20Injections%20and%20Impressions%20by%20Bradley%20Hart

ARCHAEOLOGIES | Griffin Gallery

ARCHAEOLOGIES April 24, 2014 – May 23, 2014  Curated by Michelle Lee Medjeral-Thomas (collaboration with The Contemporary London) Vasilis Avramidis Reginald Aloysius Jess Littlewood Suzanne Moxhay As a group these four artists create alternative narratives of imagined landscapes and fantasy. Vasilis’ and Reginald’s work feature lush environments of vegetation opposing the barren post-apocalyptic wastelands of Susanne …

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Matisse | Tate | Cut-Outs

Yet to make it to the @Tate Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition? Goldie’s got you covered, it’s the last few days to watch the @BBCiPlayer coverage on the show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b041d67n/matisse-goldies-private-view …