Corrupt Blood Incident

Group Exhibition

07 July – 29 July 2017

South Kiosk

In September 2005 a virtual plague now known as the “Corrupted Blood Incident” spread across the online role-playing video game World of Warcraft. Caused by a glitch in a recently added mission, the pandemic rapidly eliminated lower-level characters, drastically impacting normal game play. Throughout the chaos of the incident, programmers imposed quarantines and players took independent measures such as abandoning densely populated cities to avoid infection. Despite this, the virus continued to spread for over a week until fixed by the game’s developers. The event attracted the attention of epidemiologists as an example for how human populations might respond in the case of a real-world outbreak.

Using the incident as a starting point, South Kiosk is pleased to present the Corrupt Blood Incidentincluding works by:

Alzbeta Jaresova, Angela Washko, Daniel Shanken, Jamie Shovlin, Joey Holder, Richard Whitby, Tom Kobialka, Tobias Revell and William Martin.

The show will address the themes of landscape, digital failure, monsters and viral transmission.

More information:

Corrupt Blood Incident -South Kiosk
Corrupt Blood Incident -South Kiosk