Habitat – Tai Shan Schierenberg – Cartwright Hall, Bradford

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery | Bradford

Habitat – Tai-Shan Schierenberg

Habitat – Tai-Shan Schierenberg will incorporate both landscapes and portraits into this exhibition and residency, with specific views of the North of England, Yorkshire and Bradford.

Throughout our lives we encounter different environments.  Some leave a trace on our system, they change us and become internalised, a part of who we are and how we see the world. The dyptchs that Tai is exhibiting at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery are an attempt, in juxtaposing portraits and landscapes, to create a non-narrative relationship between people and spaces, and thereby evoke a sense of the inner landscape as well as provide an examination of the faces of the people changed by them.

Some of the relationships are genuine, in that the subject suggested the landscape that influenced them and should partner their portrait, other connections are inventions that rang true when put together.

Alongside Tai’s own paintings, will be oil paintings that Tai has selected from Bradford’s Fine Art Collection.

Schierenberg won 1st prize at the John Player Portrait Awards, National Portrait Gallery in 1989.  Commissions include The Queen, Duchess of Westminster, and most recently Stephen Hawkins.  He has artwork in the collections of the BBC; Chatsworth House, Granada Media Group, Queens University, Belfast, National Portrait Gallery and Tate Gallery.

Tai has been the recent judge on Sky Arts, Portrait of the Year television series.

In partnership with Flowers Gallery, London.