This House for Building exhibition – Jenny Steele

Jenny Steele

This House for Building exhibition

The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

11th May- August 2017

Over a 3 month period from March – May 2017, with support from Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, Manchester-based artist Jenny Steele has developed This House for Building at The Tetley, Leeds. Her project has explored the architectural history of Tetley building and the wider social and cultural period of art and design during the buildings construction in 1931. In particular she investigated modernist printed textiles, wallpaper design and manufacturing from the 1930s within North England through archival research; and how this related to current production through visits with printed textile and wallpaper manufacturers.

Jenny Steele is interested in exploring the cross over boundaries during this period between crafts, architecture, design and fine art. Throughout the era between 1930-1939 there was a much closer connection between the artist/designer and the manufacturer. With blurred boundaries between fine art, decorative art and consumer culture which has now separated with an existing stigma between artistic and commercial areas.

In response to this research Steele has created a series of prints onto textiles, paper and wallpaper. Several items have been produced with local manufacturing partners, using current industrial printing processes. Combining historical methods with digital processes, her work seeks to occupy a democratic middle ground between artwork, design commodity and domestic object.

Now Steele is delighted to present a new body of work in a solo exhibition, This House for Building at The Tetley, Leeds, in their Bar and Kitchen area. Steele clearly references the interior objects of everyday life within her practice, with an intention to blur perceived borders between fine art, decorative design and interior design.

To coincide with the launch The Tetley will host an In Conversation event on Wednesday (Wed 3 Aug, 6-8pm) featuring Steele alongside Sharon Bainbridge (Leeds College of Art), for booking details visit –

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This project was supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England and University of Central Lancashire.

Jenny Steele - A job for life scarf rouched email
Jenny Steele – A job for life scarf rouched email
Jenny Steele
Jenny Steele
Jenny Steele - Patterns and trends silk scarf email
Jenny Steele – Patterns and trends silk scarf email