Tate Worlds: Art Reimagined for Minecraft

Tate Worlds are exciting Minecraft maps that present virtual environments inspired by artworks from Tates collection. The maps allow players of Minecraft to explore a range of paintings and sculpture, undertaking various activities and challenges that relate to the themes of the artworks, or exploring how they were made. Tate has teamed up with some of Minecrafts best known mapmakers to create these virtual artworks, offering a unique combination of art, history and adventure.

The first two maps will be available to download from Monday 24 November 2014. Focusing on the theme of Cities, they are inspired by Andre Derain’s 1906 painting of London, The Pool of London, and Christopher Nevinson’s 1920 painting of New York, Soul of the Soulless City. Six more Tate Worlds maps are scheduled for release (on the themes of Play, Destruction and Fantasy) in 2015.

Tate Worlds is a collaboration with The Common People: Adam Clarke, Lead Artist and Producer, with Map maker: Dragnoz and Minecraft builders: Kupo,Featherblade and Tewkesape.

( http://www.tate.org.uk/about/projects/tate-worlds-art-reimagined-minecraft )