“Where I Want to Go” Tracey Emin | Egon Schiele

24th April 2015 to 14th September 2015

Leopold Museum, Vienna

The Leopold Museum will present the first comprehensive exhibition in Vienna featuring 46 works by the British artist Tracey Emin (born in 1963), a leading figure of the »Young British Artists«. Tracey Emin, a superstar and enfant terrible of contemporary art, will engage in a fascinating artistic dialogue, as she will not only present her own works but will also incorporate a personal selection of drawings and poems by Egon Schiele into the exhibition. This exploration of the Austrian Expressionist’s œuvre allows Tracey Emin to venture into unchartered territory with her art and to draw interesting parallels. Tracey Emin’s pictorial language is direct and trenchant. Her art is an art of exposure and her own biography provides her with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her titles form an integral part of her works and speak of unrequited love, suffering, longing and desire. The juxtaposition of Tracey Emin’s works with those of Egon Schiele exposes similarities in the artistic aspirations of both artists and allows for a new visual experience. The exhibition features recent and entirely new works and installations by the artist.2715

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